About the Barrett Group


The Team at Barrett Group has experts in each of the critical areas of a brand launch. 


Domestic & International Distribution – Although usually misunderstood by most brand leaders, entering the world of retail distribution is a pathway of critical timing. Now shipping globally Direct To Consumer could never be easier. We do it EVERY DAY. Online Presence | E-Commerce – Adjunct to marketing is the necessity to have a strong brand presence on the Internet.  Like it or not, if you’re not talking about your product, someone else will be soon.


Investment Capital – Undercapitalization is the most common weakness of any startup brand.  Securing financing for your launch is essential and having access to those people is critical.


Advertising  |  Social Media  |  Marketing – Critical to any brand is the need to have a strong marketing presence, and that only happens with an agency partner who focuses on ROI.


Manufacturing – Often, brands have developed a great product, but cost of goods is still not permissive of a necessary margin.  Meet some of the leaders in both domestic and international manufacturing.

Outsourced Services

Outsourced Services – Whether customer service support, business automation, or order fulfillment, as a brand grows, one of the greatest obstacles is scalability.  Incumbent on any brand is never earning negative reputation through poor performance.

Public Relations

Public Relations – Each brand has a unique position, and in the world of social media virality, having a strong presence in the media is a great way to get early attention.

Home Shopping

Home Shopping – Depending on the product, one of the greatest launchpads to success is the use of home shopping as a tool for awareness and mass distribution.  Learn how your brand would be positioned on QVC/HSN and other home shopping networks.

Network Marketing

Level Marketing Placement: Want your product to be placed into a MLM? Let’s discuss “what it takes”.