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Our Global Network

Barrett Group offers its clients the most comprehensive list of services to meet their exact needs. From early stages of product development to brand building and presentation and marketing materials to final preparation and on-air execution, our team navigates you every step of the way.  


Once you’ve launched and been on-air, the Barrett Group is still at work, and our team keeps your brand alive to consumers, both on-air and online. We make sure our clients don't slip through the cracks or become one and done casualties.  By continuously positioning new value stories and offerings, we keep your brand fresh to buying teams and lobby for the best shows and times slots.

Our Home Shopping Retail Partners

The Barrett Group is connected to the biggest home shopping networks across the globe. We find the right audience base and current need, then match your brand with the best home shopping channel retail partner for maximum success.


Our Partners Include:  QVC … QVC 2 … Beauty IQ … QVC Germany … QVC Italy … QVC UK … QVC Japan … QVC China … Evine … HSN … HSE Home Shopping Europe … The Shopping Channel (TSC)

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