Why Home Shopping?

The question shouldn’t be "why home shopping?" It should be "why not home shopping?" In what other industry do you have the potential to reach billions of viewers and potentially sell thousands of dollars of your adored product in mere minutes?  It’s not a trick: the answer is none.  Home shopping offers well-optimized and consumer-ready brands and products the unprecedented opportunity for true retail success.


  • Home shopping is a $13 Billion per year industry

  • Over 5 billion people tune into home shopping channels

  • Over 300 million homes reached

  • Yearly average spend is $3,600

  • QVC is the 3rd largest beauty retailer

  • Home Shopping audiences are over 95% women


The QVC Experience

Compared to the competition, QVC has a brand story about the experience of shopping. If you buy something on Amazon, you just want the process to be frictionless and quick. But QVC shoppers want to have fun. While rival brands advertise markdowns and sales and free shipping to entice buying, serious “fun and pleasure” shoppers want to be seduced by the product first.

The network recognized early that having an actual person telling the story of an item would work far better than just having it sit on a shelf. The sale is in the story—get a product spokesperson, add a host to talk to the spokesperson about how great the product is, show the product, sell at a price that is inevitably a “one-time only” price and boom, the viewer is hooked.

Consumers keep coming back to QVC for the unique experience. According to Adweek “The people who come to shop with QVC think shopping should be a fun, pleasurable experience—not an errand or chore.”

In a Q&A with the National Retail Federation (NRF), Mike George, President and CEO of QVC, elaborated on the company’s evolution of various touchpoints “to bring this content and the discovery-based shopping experience online in meaningful and engaging ways.” 


Rather than just watching a live sale on the QVC channel, the multi-platform experience means discovery comes via information and interaction—engage with the host on Instagram or Facebook, take a closer look at the product online, read comments from other customers, or sit back and watch the conversation stream on the screen. That’s something different than shopping: That’s entertainment.