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Barrett Group employs expert resources to create, develop and distribute your brand. 


Brand Development - Branding - Messaging - Packaging - Third Party Testing - Funding - PR - Video Production - 3PL - Home Shopping Brand Management  -  Direct to Consumer (Domestic and International)

Ameann DeJohn

Third Party Testing

Curt Cassels


Jacquie Balliet

Brand Strategy

Marcia Waldorf

Infomercial Production

Ron Wade

Business Strategy

Barbara Davis

Fashion Brand Development

David Wauters

Digital Marketing

Jennifer Thomas

Public Relations

Matt Allison

Business Development

Sonia Kaur

Carlos Cortez

IT & Marketing

Eric Levine


John Lando

Product Development

Pat Fiore

Brand Strategy

Tom Bunge

Brand Strategy

Chris Allison

Out of Home Digital Billboards

Greg Standal

Video Production

Lisa Kovner

Brand Strategy

Piyush Golia


Trevor N. Andersen

Business Strategy

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