Pat Fiore

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Pat Fiore

Brand & Consumer Behavior Strategist

Brand Strategy

Pat Fiore’s success is reflective of Pat Fiore’s integrity, energy and passion to make brands successful. She is a relationship builder, bringing opportunities to life and developing “category creators” for new markets. FIORE’s focus is on High Trending, Experiential Industries and Rare Technologies. As Fiore’s Chief Inspiration Officer, Pat has worked with iconic brands in retail, flavors, fragrance, food, fashion, ingredients, lifestyle, CPG, beauty, natural/organic products and game-changing technologies. She spends time alongside clients in their fields, groves, factories, labs and on the selling floors, searching for authenticity, digging for heritage and working with the people who develop, create and deliver the product promises FIORE will represent.

Pat guides companies outside the US, raising government grants and investment funds, working with foreign trade commissions on how to best navigate the American market, and with American companies looking for strategies to help them gain competitive edge.

Prior to launching Fiore, Pat worked with DuPont, and Kimberly Clark on woven and non-woven fiber technology, launching Lycra, COOLMAX, and notable denim brands. She set standards for tracking fashion, fiber trends, consumer insights, attitudes and behaviors. With a design from FIT, she also completed business and marketing courses at NYU.