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Trevor N. Andersen

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Trevor N. Andersen

Management Consulting

Business Strategy

Trevor N. Anderson is an accomplished and strategic business partner with 15+ years of cross-functional finance & operations experience in the private equity backed market. I am a high-energy person with substantial experience in business restructuring, global operations management, pricing and contract management, KPI measurement/strategy, and process improvement. My wide array of accomplishments across my career from large scale RFP victories to building “winning” teams is a testament to my ability within the field. I offer organizations a solution-based management approach to address the following: scaling with market size/growth, KPI evolvement, new business, re – occurring pain points, and financial strategies including market capitalization and investor strategies. My strengths lie in re-connecting support functions with their operational counterparts, fostering cross functional ideas, visualizing and implementing strategy, and “positively” motivating a company to achieve and exceed their business goals.

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